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My name is Rasim Guldiken. I am an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of South Florida (USF), located in Tampa, FL, USA.

I have taught undergraduate and graduate-level fluid mechanics and dynamics, as well as advanced engineering mathematics courses 34 times, to over 2100 undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. level students. My educational education interests lie in open courseware for courses in fluid mechanics, metacognitive activities, and flipped learning.

Fluid Mechanics is a part of the applied mechanics field.  Fluid Mechanics is concerned with the behavior and quantitative analysis of liquids and liquids at rest or in motion. As this is relatively broad, many engineering disciplines, including mechanical, civil, environmental, and chemical engineers, study and apply the fundamentals covered in this open courseware to a wide variety of real-world applications.

Some of the applications naturally occur in nature (such as in biology); some are human-made engineered devices (such as lab on a chip) and infrastructures (such as a dam). Even though we may not realize it, there are only a couple of instances in our daily lives that is not concerned with some type of fluid at rest or motion.

The open courseware consists of 12 comprehensive modules designed for 3-credit hours 15 weeks long semester with 37.5 hours of available contact hours. Each module should be reserved for approximately one week to one and a half weeks, depending on the complexity of the concepts covered.

This open courseware can also help those of us teaching graduate-level advanced fluid dynamics courses with students from all over the world, where we struggle with balancing infusing new content without losing the students due to lacking the preliminary concepts. Some of the modules available here can easily be assigned as preliminary knowledge.

College Fluid Mechanics

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FE Exam Review and Practice

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Fluid Properties

Fluid Statics

Fluid Dynamics

Internal Flow

Weekly Solved FE Exam Practice Problems