Microfluidics and Acoustics Lab


Lab Members:

Our lab currently has 1 PostDoc, 4 Ph.D. and 1 REU students working on their dissertation and projects. Since its inception in 2008, we have graduated 16 Ph.D. students, 13 M.S. students and worked with 2 PostDocs and 20 Undergraduate students.


Rasim Guldiken, Ph.D.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering


Dr. Mustafa Demirci: Dr. Demirci is working on integrating acoustics to metal based additive manufacturing.


Tia Sayers, Ph.D. Student: Tia is working on the Fast Track Ultrasonic Imaging of Concrete Bridge Decks project.

Ozge Uyanik, Ph.D. Student: Ozge is working on acoustic based microfluidics manipulation techniques.

Jose Paul, FNU, Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised with A. Kumar): Jose is investigating how liquid crystal polyester/amide copolymer can be employed for optimizing ultrasonic imaging of infrastructures.

Samuel Donatus, Ph.D. Student (co-advised with J. Wang): Samuel is investigating low temperature bonding based fabrication of Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT)


Adam Major: A Non-Invasive, Label-Free Acoustic Microfluidics Separation Device: An Experimental Study


Postdoctoral Fellows (2):

Emre Tufekcioglu (2015-2016)

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Eskisehir Tech., Turkey

Alper Sisman (2011-2012)

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Marmara University, Turkey

Ph.D. (16):

John Cotter - 2022

Dissertation Title: "Bulk Glass as Compressive Reinforcement in Structural Elements"

Current Position: Researcher at Transtek International Group, LLC

Saleh Alhumaid, Co-Advised with Dr. Hess - 2022

Dissertation Title: "A Noncontact Magneto-Piezo Harvester-Based Vehicle Regenerative Suspension System"

Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Hail  

Joel Cooper, Co-Advised with Dr. Gallant - 2020

Dissertation Title: "Manipulation and Patterning of Mammalian Cells

                             using Vibrations and Acoustic Force"

Current Position: Project Engineer, Triton Systems, Inc. Chelmsford, MA

Hani Alhazmi - 2020

Dissertation Title: "Experimental Investigation of Liquid Height Estimation and Simulation Verification

                             of Bolt Tension Quantification Using Surface Acoustic Waves”

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Umm Al-Qura University

Marwan Belaed, Co-Advised with Dr. Rahman -2020

Dissertation Title: "Simulation and Verification of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage"

Current Position: TBA

Matt Trapuzzano, Co-Advised with Dr. Crane - 2019

Dissertation Title: "Controlled Wetting Using Ultrasonic Vibration"

Current Position: Mechanical Engineer at Blue Origin, Cape Canaveral, FL

Mohsen Ziaae, Co-Advised with Dr. Crane - 2018

Dissertation Title: "Materials and Methods to Fabricate Porous Structures Using Additive

                    Manufacturing Techniques"

Current Position: Additive Manufacturing Engineer at 3DEO, Gardena, CA

Shantanu Shevade, Co-Advised with Dr. Rahman - 2018

Dissertation Title: "Simulation of Turbulent Air Jet Impingement for Commercial Cooking Applications"

Current Position: Director of Engineering, Welbilt, Inc., Newport Richey, FL

Rafael Rodriguez - 2017

Dissertation Title: "Experimental Evaluation of Cooling Effectiveness and Water Conservation in a

                              Poultry House Using Flow Blurring Atomizers”

Current Position: Associate Professor at Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)

Scott Padilla - 2017

Dissertation Title: "Novel Transducer Calibration and Simulation Verification of PDMS Channels on

                              Acoustic Microfluidic Devices "

Current Position: Project Manager at Neuralink, Austin, TX

Adrian Avila, Co-Advised with Dr. Wang - 2017

Dissertation Title: "Development of MEMS Acoustic Emission Sensors"

Current Position: R&D Engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ

Ahmad Manasrah, Co-Advised with Dr. Reed - 2016

Dissertation Title: "Application and Analysis of Asymmetrical Hot and Cold Stimuli"

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan

Tao Wang - 2016

Dissertation Title: "Optimization and Characterization of Integrated Microfluidic Surface Acoustic Wave  

                              Sensors and Transducers"

Current Position: Research Assistant Professor at USF Health

Eric Tridas, Co-Advised with Dr. Schlaf - 2015

Dissertation Title: "Use of FDM Components for Ion Beam and Vacuum Applications"

Current Position: Staff R&D Engineer at Pivot, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Myeong Chan Jo - 2013

Dissertation Title: "An Acoustic-based Microfluidic Platform for Active Separation and Mixing"

Current Position: Vice-President of Development at Innovative Biochips LLC, Houston, TX

Onursal Onen - 2013

Dissertation Title: "Analytical Modeling, Perturbation Analysis and Experimental Characterization of

                             Guided Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors"

Current Position: Owner and CEO at Metapax Akustik, Turkey

M.S. (13):

Akshay Gulhane - 2020

Thesis Title: "ROBOAT - Rescue Operations Bot Operating in All Terrains"

Current Position: TBA

Mohammed Al Busaidi - 2019

Thesis Title: "Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Fluid Mixing Enhancement with Orifice  


Current Position: Development Mechanical Engineer in Petroleum Development Oman

Shivaraman Asoda - 2018

Thesis Title: "Simulation and Optimization of a Sheathless Size-Based Acoustic Particle Separator"

Current Position: Engineer at Cybel LLC, Allentown, PA

Robert Bebeau - 2018

Thesis Title: "Simulation of Radiation Flux from Thermal Fluid

                      in Origami Tubes"

Current Position: Fatigue Engineer at Boeing, St. Louis, MO

Frederik Schousboe - 2017

Thesis Title: "Pleatwise Velocity Distribution in Pleated Air Filtration"

Current Position: Engineering Manager at EnerSys, Tampa, FL

Matt Hardy, Co-Advised with Dr. Reed - 2017

Thesis Title: "Heat Flux Modeling of Asymmetrically Heated and Cooled Thermal Stimuli"

Current Position: U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer, Newport, Rhode Island

Senmiao Hu - 2016

Thesis Title: "Simulation and Verification of Fluid Jet Polishing"

Current Position: Unknown

Jairo Martinez - 2012

Thesis Title: "A Novel Ultrasonic Method to Quantify Bolt Tension"

Current Position: Thermal Systems Integration Engineer at Cummins Inc., Milpitas, CA

Greeshma Manohar - 2012

Thesis Title: "Investigation of Various Surface Acoustic Wave Design Configurations for Improved


Current Position: Engineer at HARMAN International, Detroit, MI

Eric Tridas - 2012

Thesis Title: "Experimental and Numerical Investigation of an Electrospray RF Ion Funnel"

Current Position: Staff R&D Engineer at Pivot, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Ahmad Manasrah, Co-Advised with Dr. Reed - 2012

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan

Asad Ahmad, Co-Advised with Dr. Gallant - 2011

Thesis Title: "Surface Functionalization and Analysis Thereof for an Ovarian Cancer Diagnostic


Current Position: Global Key Accounts, Tempus Labs, Inc. Chicago, Illinois

Lynford Davis - 2009

Thesis Title: "Investigation of Residual and Thermal Stress on Membrane-Based MEMS Devices"

Current Position: High School Math Teacher, Pasco County, FL

Undergraduate Students/REU (20):

Matthew Moss:

Does Metacognition and Reflection Increase Student Learning in an Undergraduate STEM Course?

Teehran Francis:

Concrete Inspection on Bridges with an Ultrasonic Transducer Integrated to a Tire

Rafael Braga Gomes:

Simulation of powder bed melting mechanism for Selective Laser Melting

Charles Baker:

HVAC Design (a chilled water system with hydronic heating) for Braden River Middle School Classroom Addition

Richard Leyton:

Performance, Efficiency and Cost Optimization of Custom-designed Camshaft for Mazda Mx-5 (NB)  

Marcos Robles:

Analysis of a Modular Engine Air Particle Separator for use in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Joshua Garno, Honor's Thesis, Thesis Director:

Computational Study on Reducing Drag and Boundary Layer Separation in Airfoils

Brandon Demers:

Investigation of aerodynamic modifications to increase the normal load on the tires for added grip

Daniel O'Connor, Honor's Thesis, Committee Member:

Exploring the SCUBA of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Laura Byrnes-Blanco:

Ultrasonic Modulation of Protein and Cellular Attachment in Jackson Pratt Drainage System

Kimberly Witke:

Acoustic Analysis of Venturi Nozzle

Alex McCulla:

Change in Shear Stress due to Skin-Friction and Aerodynamic Shape Altered by the Surface Roughness

Stephen MacNeil:

Simulation of a Space Electrical Power System

Ahmad Hares:

Spring Rate and Preload Investigation of Various Valve Sizes using Fluid Transport Principles

Dean Velasquez:

Phased Array Surface Acoustic Wave Transducers for Bolt Tension Measurement

Jaime Pagan:

Characterization Setup for High-Frequency Immersion Ultrasonic Transducers

Andrew Abney:

Simulation of Operation Parameters for Capacitive Acoustic Transducers

Chris Nelson:

Simulation of Thermal Effects on Membrane Based Microdevices

Nathan Rice:

Comparison of Standard and Ground Loop Air-Conditioning Systems,

Momo Kajiwara:

Investigation of High-Intensity Ultrasound (HIFU) for Breast Cancer Treatment,